Pixie Dust Temporary Tattoo Pack

2 mini sheets with over 24 metallic temporary tattoos.

Ethereal. Magical. Delicate. - Sprinkle a little magic into your beauty routine with Pixie Dust, a 2 sheet collection of metallic temporary tattoos featuring freckles and ethereal face designs. Premium metallic foils and non-toxic inks provide the ultimate fairy-like shine. Durable waterproof and sweatproof adhesives ensure a long-lasting application so you can feel magical for a full 2 to 6 days (depending on your skin type and care routine!). Bring on the pixie power and shine bright at birthdays, bachelorette parties, music festivals, at the beach, and more!

PRO TIP: Don’t forget to add a few extra Flash Off tattoo remover wipes to your cart...it’s the easiest and gentlest way to change up your look in a Flash!

WHAT’S INSIDE: Two 4” X 6” mini-sheets featuring over 24 different designs in metallic gold foil. -Sheet 1: Various freckles and designs featuring pixie twinkles, stars, hearts and moons. -Sheet 2: Various freckles

$ 8.50

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