Olwen Jewelry is designed and created by florida native, Corrin Carr in her West Palm Beach storefront studio. A lifelong love for jewelry turned into a career in vintage jewelry, sparked the fire.  One day, on a friends invitation to cash in a Groupon for a silversmithing class, making jewelry quickly turned into a passion. A  couple of years later, Olwen Jewelry was born. 

Olwen Jewelry is brought to life through a creative flow, allowing the stones and metal to guide the way. Each detail is carefully crafted by hand, resulting in pieces that are easy to wear, yet are strong and unique, with a touch of edge and free spirit in each.



Olwen, the Welch goddess of Summer, was said to be a woman so gentile and fragile, white flowers would grow in her footsteps wherever she walked. Often called 'The white lady of the day' she was also called the flower-bringing 'golden wheel' of summer.   Olwen's story dates back to the earliest prose literature of Britain. Stories that were compiled in the 12th–13th centuries from earlier oral traditions by medieval Welsh authors.

Olwen's is considered the herione of her story, and it can be summarized as such: The tale really begins with her father; the vicious chief of the giants, Ysbaddaden. It is said that once Olwen marries, her father will die. In a land far from Olwen and her terrible father, is a man named Culhwch, who is cursed by his stepmother, to be able to only marry one maiden, Olwen.  Culhwch becomes infatuated with the idea of Olwen, and enlists the help of his Cousin, King Arthur, and six of Arthur's men to set out to find, and rescue her. Culhwch is given 13 seemingly impossible tasks to complete in order to win her hand, and free her from her father. They are successful,  Ysbaddaden dies, and Olwen is free to Marry her love.

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