Medium Ribbed Pillar Candle. Vegan, Soy, Small Batch. Weddin

Our ribbed pillar candles are blend or paraffin and soy wax in order to give a better longer lasting burn time.

Our ribbed pillar candles are the perfect decorative accessories to give your home that added minimalist and stylish flair.

Our ribbed pillar candles come in an array of colours and scents and can be bought as a set of two of singularly.


Blush Pink ribbed pillar candle  scented with Pony and rose blush
Vanilla  ribbed pillar candle scented with Sandalwood and Vanilla
Stone ribbed pillar candle scented with Blackberry and Bay
Lemongrass ribbed pillar candle scented with Lime basil and mandarin


Medium Ribbed Pillar Candle Dimensions

Height: 15cm

Width: 5cm

Weight: 250 grams

$ 21.99


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