Rogue Paq SendNudes Candle Set of 3

Three All Natural Organic Soy Cann- Canndles With Hemp Wicking And Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils + Three Cann-Cann Matchbooks You'll get a kick (!!) out of our newest CANNdle set: 3 all natural massage Cann-Canndles + 3 SendNudes Cann-Cann matchbooks.

Raise Your Ritual by lighting our organic votive candles specially formulated to provide a pure, clean-burning answer to aromatherapy and massage. The perfect gift contained within a chic gift box. You'd like one for yourself too? Yes You Cann-Cann!

Details * Types: GET LIT, LIT UP, STAY LIT * 3 votive candles + 3 match books included per set (2 Sisters Cann-Cann + 1 Yes We Cann-Cann) * Safe for the skin and for massage (directions below) * Organic * Hand blended and hand poured * Variations in our candles attest to all natural ingredients, no chemicals or additives, excellent for the headache and allergy prone * Featuring therapeutic grade essential oils

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