Celestial Magic Ritual Brass Lighter Case

Elevate your ritual game with our handmade brass lighter case, designed for regular-sized Bic lighters. This one-of-a-kind accessory is enchanted with celestial magic and meticulously crafted using traditional metalsmithing methods. Whenever you use the lighter to ignite a candle, incense, smoke cleansing bundle, or fire, take a divine moment to connect with your inner flame.

Please note: the Bic lighter is not included with this product.

This lighter case is handmade and may arrive with small imperfections like scratches or tarnishing.  If you prefer a polished look, you can use a jewelry cloth to shine up the brass.


Product Details:

Fits regular Bic sized lighter
Metal Type: Brass
Care Instructions:

Keep away from moisture to avoid tarnishing
Use Jewelry Cloth to shine

$ 98.00


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