Twinkling Lights Variety Set

These Flash Tattoos® are ready to party! Celebrate in style with the “TWINKLING LIGHTS” variety set featuring 25 face flash designs that are perfect for festivals, NYE celebrations, concerts and parties.

-(5) 'GOLDEN RAYS’ temporary tattoos on a 2”X2” card

-(5) 'STARRY ARC’ temporary tattoos on a 2”X2” card

-(5) 'GOLDEN RAYS’ temporary tattoos on a 2"X2” card

-(5) 'TWINKLE’ temporary tattoos on a 1.5”X1.5” card

-(5) 'GALACTIC FACE FRECKLES GOLD’ temporary tattoos on a 6”X1.25” card

-Made with premium metallic foils, vibrant plant-based inks, and vegan adhesive

-Pre-cut for quick application at events

-Lasts 2-6 days with proper care and placement

- Simple application and removal instructions on the back of each tattoo card

-Non-toxic and safe for all ages, but not recommended for children under 3 years old.

$ 15.00


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