Tay Juno

The classic Olwen Tay Hibiscus flower on a thin strand of lapis lazuli beads

Lapis Lazuli is one of the oldest stones known to man, used by Kings, Queens, Pharaohs and spiritual guides for centuries as a symbol of honor, power and vision. 

Allow yourself to go deeper into your spiritual journey with Lapis Lazuli. Known as "The Wisdom Keeper" Lapis Lazuli is a powerful crystal for connecting with your self expression (throat chakra) and your awareness (third eye chakra).

Finding yourself being drawn to Lapis is a sign you are being drawn to expand your spiritual transformation.

Meditate with Lapis to reveal your inner truths, beliefs and give a clear perspective of your whole life. Balance the important vs. the unimportant, and open the doors to the universe. 

  • Connect to self expression
  • Stimulate wisdom and good judgement
  • Aid in the learning process 
  • Stone of truth, encourages honest of spirit
  • Stone of friendship


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