Dottie cuff

14k golf filled adjustable cuff bracelet with two solid bronze shark teeth accents.

a bold statement cuff work alone, or stack with multiple Jubilee bangles for a fun layered look!

Once upon a time.. there were 2 sharks swimming around palm beach they had been friends for a few years now and decided to get something permanent to broad cast their friendship. But as it happens they got pulled over by an Orca and Orcas are the biggest b****es of all. One thing lead to another and they were both sentenced to life in prison. With good behavior they were both released after 10 years. Aimlessly swimming they both found themselves back in palm beach. It was hard to recognize one another but with a smile and twinkle in their eyes they had realized they have once again been reunited and both with gold teeth. Long story short later that day they both got caught and now i have their teeth tehehe 

$ 148.00