Minnie Necklace

Vintage 1970's Millefiori bead necklace

set in 14k gold filled on 14k gold filled chain

Millefiori beads get their names from the two Italian words: Mille, meaning thousand, and Fiori, meaning flowers.

Millefiori style Murano glass beads are made with handmade glass canes, each containing an individual pattern of various design and color, from star to round to flower shape. Each cane made by placing the molten glass in a form, then adding layers of color and/or shapes, then drawing the cane out into a rod. These handmade canes cut into slices which are used by Venetian and Murano glass bead makers in their designs.

Venetian Beads such of these have been made in Venice and Murano for hundreds of years and maintain their popularity. Millefiori Murano jewelry is wildly popular due to both its historical significance and its beautiful design.

$ 138.00


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