New Moon in Libra Journal

New Moon in Libra October 8th

Journals are for ALL signs- Connect to the New Moon energy, learn about the specific cosmic energy you can align with during each moon phase, on a level deep within yourself and your surroundings. Embrace practices that align energy with intention, release and renewel. Read and fill in your journal leading up to the new moon, gather with a close group, or practice alone, some of the soul fulfilling exercises in your journal. 


Libra New Moon

This new Moon is a time to define your relational space. An opportunity to design this space to support you, align with your intentions, and help you grow. 

Look at your relationship with who you want to be and the energy you wish to manifest. Become aware of your relationships with your dreams and clear up any miscommunication within your own energy. It is difficult to become someone your subconscious does not admire. 

For the relationships that are a resounding YES in your world, create ways to nurture them and bring them to a new level of understanding. Align with Libra to empathize with your partners. When we understand things from another's perspective, we open the door to create more harmony within the union. 

-Excerpt from New Moon in Libra Guide by Spirit Daughter

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