Alana Necklace


One of a kind

statement black tourmaline necklace

A large chunk of black tourmaline set in 14k gold filled on substantial 14k gold filled link chain

Black Tourmaline:

Ancient magicians relied on Black Tourmaline (known as Schorl), to protect them from Earth demons as they cast their spells.

Today this stone is still considered on of the most powerful crystals for protecting your energy, creating a psychic shield, and deflecting negative energies.

Ground yourself and ease anxieties by holding black tourmaline in each hand, worn as jewelry, or carry a piece in your pocket to carry a bit of grounding protection with you at all times. 

Black tourmaline can be used to activate grounding between the root chakra and the earth, connecting you more deeply to the physical and spiritual energies of the body. 

Stay radiant and protected in the darkest of circumstances, staying in the clear expression of light offered by black tourmaline. 

  • Protection
  • Grounding
  • Anti- Anxiety
  • Purification

Will not tarnish, perfect for everyday wear from the ocean to dinner

$ 248.00