Abalone Orion Ring

14k gold filled ring with abalone stone. (All stones will vary in color and texture)

Will not tarnish, perfect for everyday wear from the ocean to dinner

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Abalone combines ideas of serenity and strength. In difficult times, Abalone will comfort you and provide you with the solace that you need to keep yourself going.

Abalone is also very useful when it comes to stimulating your psychic development. It will enhance your intuition and other psychic gifts, bringing you closer to the deepest levels of your inner truth.

It will also increase your ability to be more emotionally open and expressive. It will encourage cooperation between yourself and others whether at work or within your personal life.

Abalone is said to be beneficial in calming you when you start to get high-strung.

Much of this beauty comes from the very organic nature of Abalone altogether – beauty that has been created by the fact that no two Abalone stones are every truly alike.

connect to your crown, third eye and heart chakras with abalone. 

$ 128.00


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