3D Card for a Cause, Congratulations

If you love retro fun, you'll get a kick out of these 3D greeting cards! Each card comes with a pair of old-school paper glasses with red and blue lenses. Pop these babies on and see the elements on the card come out at you! This 3D card in particular is special because 100% of my profits go to Black Girls Do STEM in memory of Dr. Valerie Thomas, a NASA scientist who invented the Illusion Transmitter. It was used to transmit the illusion of a 3D image of space back to us. All cards are made on gorgeous 100% recycled French Paper "starch" Speckletone cardstock. All envelopes are either 100% recycled content or 100% post consumer waste. I never use plastic packaging, either. Cards come in a paper sleeve where you can easily see both the card and the envelope from the front. The back of the sleeve has all the info (blank inside, materials, etc).
Made in United States of America

$ 5.00