Nice to Meet You!

Posted by ​Corrin
Apr 28, 2015

 Hi, I'm Corrin!

I am the proud owner and creator behind Olwen Jewelry. I wanted to introduce myself to those of you who don't know me...although most do. So feel free to skip this part. Just kidding, please keep reading! 

I've had a love for jewelry for as long as I can remember, so it doesn't surprise me that back in 2006 the universe led me to House of Lavande, and to my now dear friend Tracy Smith, who has created a seriously inspiring collection of vintage costume and original  jewels. For years I was surrounded by beautiful things, and best friends working in editorial press, sifting through thousands of pieces of jewelry every day for editors from every magazine you can think of,  it was truly a fantastic time of life. 

Fast forward to 2013, I took a silversmithing class at the West Palm Beach Armory (shout out to Lisa, my incredible teacher!) on a whim, fell in love, and never looked back.

I live with my boyfriend Baron, and our two kitties Stella and Bosco, relaxing, creating, cooking and having fun. Baron surfs, I create, and we take life as un-seriously as possible. 

Truthfully, I was on the fence about starting a blog, but it's something I've always loved to do; so if you're so inclined, stay tuned for some daily ramblings, recipes, music, travels, stone and jewelry info and a behind the scenes look at my world of metalsmithing, chakra love, meditation and cats...among other things :)