Articles of Faith

- Sep 13, 2018 -

Let’s talk about FAITH

We all have it, in one way or another. Your version of god, the universe, love, music, poetry, the earth- whichever way you define it, we are all on a quest to express it, feel it, and share it in our own unique way with the people around us.

Enter Articles of Faith. An extension of my creative outlet of jewelry making; sharing words, awakening, awareness and connection to the energy that surrounds us.

I’ve struggled literally for YEARS to begin this journey of a blog (essentially sharing a part of my brain with the small chunk of the world who are paying attention) and it finally feels like the right time. What finally made me pull the trigger though is funny- I was showering last night, and looked down at the face wash my mother recently pawned off on me (sitting in the same exact spot since I received it six months ago), and the bottle reads as follows: “Progress is made in baby steps. Each micro-win contributes to a manifestation of our best selves. These micro efforts can smooth the bumpy road of time, and along the way lead to micro-moments of monumental renewal on our path to wellbeing.”

So, ok- I get that it’s cleverly worded bottle of microderm face wash by Philosophy, who does this sort of thing... but I am super into that message. And that is what awareness is all about, essentially. Being open to receive these tiny nudges from the world around us at just the right time. Are you paying attention?

So here begins the journey of this blog. A little bit of Olwen, a little bit of faith as it translates through me, some astrology and moon stuff because I dig it, chakras,  and who knows what else. Stay tuned to find out.